Package Enhancements

Enhance your event with one or more of our wonderful upgrades.

Full-Room LED Up-Lighting, Personalized Name in Lights (gobo), Video DJ Package and Cake Pin Spots.

Personalized Name in Lights (Gobo)

Who doesn’t want to see their name in giant lights? A Personalized Name in Lights (Gobo) is a unique way to tie in personalized monograms, names, dates, and custom logos to any event. We will work with you to create a customized design to fit your events décor.

LED Up-Lighting

Lighting is a key element that can transform any event from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Up-Lighting is a perfect addition that can dramatically change the look of your event.

Video DJ

Video Montages, Music Videos and Live Instagram Feeds (InstaPLAY Live) projected on large screens add an intimate and sentimental touch to any event.

Pin Spotting

Pin spot lights highlight and enhance the beauty of your wedding cake without having to turn on bright house lights and lose your romantic ambiance.

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